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Introduction - A note about Gadar di Gunj

The term "Gadar di Gunj" is given to the unique Complilation of the poetic Compositions which emerged at the initial stage of Ghadr movement and were published and distributed with terrific speed among the Punjabi immigrants in all corners of the world, covering various phases in the political situation in India from the time of battle Palassy. Its patriotic theme inspired in large number with a dream of future democratic Republic based on liberty, equality, and fraternity, free from corruption and without discrimination of any caste, creed, and religion. This poetry was an integral part of Ghadr literature. Its dominant theme was merciless exposure of piratical colonial exploitation of natural resources of subjugated countries in the economic field and oppression and suppression of the people with the force of gun, thus weaving a strong common political bond of struggle against the colonial regimes all over the world. This profoundly patriotic poetry became a matchless source of inspiration for sacrifices at the altar of liberation struggle at national and international level.

The first poem was written by Pandit Jagat Ram. It was recited by prisoners as a farewell poem for Sarabha. The second poem is also by Kartar Singh Sarabha and it became popular among the gadarites. These poems can be called the soul of the Gadar Movement, as they depict the depth of their conviction and dedication.



By: Pandit Jagat Ram

India is so proud of you, O Kartar,
That you are marching on the path of sacrifice
Along with you
You are talking Jagat and Pingle
Dear friends, every Indian today
Swears to your blood
That we will complete your mission.






By: Kartar Singh Sarabha

If anyone asks who we are
Tell him our name is rebel
Our duty is to end the tyranny
Our profession is to launch revolution
That is our namaz, this is our sandhya
Our puja, our worship
This is our religion
Our work
This is our only Khuda, our only Rama.

Songs of the Gadar Movement
[Songs of the Gadar Movement (front cover) in Punjabi]
Ghadar di gunj: desh bhugtan di bani. Jalander: Desh Bhagat Yadgar Hall,1993.

[Poetry of Ghadr Movement (In Present Context)] Editor: Gurbax Singh Bannuana. History Sub Committee Desh Bhagat Yadgar Committee Jalandhar.