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Basic Gadar Books:

1. Bose, A.C.
Indian Revolutionaries Abroad
Bharati Bhawan, 1971

2. Emily Datta
The Ghadar Party Historical Assesment
The Sikh Sansar, Volume 2, Number 2, June 1973

3. Deol, G.S.
The Role of the Ghadar Party in the National Movement
Delhi; Sterling Publishers, 1969

4. Isemonger, F. C. & Slattery J.
An account of the Ghadr conspiracy
California, Folklore Institute, 1998
Forward by Dr. Ved Prakash Vatuk

5. Juergensmeyer, Mark
"The International heritage of the Ghadar Party: a survey of the sources"
Sikh Sansar vol.2, no.1, March 1973

6. Juergensmeyer, Mark
"The Gadar Syndrome: Ethnic Anger and Nationalist Pride"

Population Review vol. 25 no. 1-2, 1979 pgs. 48-58

7. Juergensmeyer, Mark
"Scholarly Interest in the Gadar Movement"
South Asians in North America: An Annotated and Selected Bibliography
Regents of the University of California: University of California,
Berkeley, Jan Singh, editor, 1988 (pages 15-18).
(Excellent Review Article with Source Publication)

8. Mathur, L.P.
Indian Revolutionary Movement in the United States Of America
Delhi, S. Chand & Co., 1970

9. Puri, Harish K.
Dream of the Ghadar Party Heroes. Vision of a New Socio Political Order.
Article reprinted from MAINSTREAM Aug. 15, 1998

10. Puri, Harish K.
The Gadar Party: A Study of Militant Nationalism
Dept. of Political Science, Guru Nanak University, Amritsar, 1975

11. Sainsara, G.S.
Ghadar party in Itihas (in punjab)
Jullundur: Desh Bhagat Yaad Ghar Committee, 1961

12. Singh, Jane.
Echoes of revolution: the role of literature in the gadar movement.
Thesis (Ph.D. in South and Southeast Asian Studies)--
University of California, Berkeley, Dec. 1990.

13. Singh, Khushwant & Singh, Satindra
Ghadar, 1915: India's First Armed Revolution
Delhi: R & K Publishing House, 1966.

14. Sohan, Singh Josh
Baba Sohan Singh Bhakna: Life of the Founder of the Ghadar Party
India: People's Publishing House Private, 1970

15. Singh, Malwinder J & Singh, Harinder
War Against King Emporer - Ghadr of 1914-15. A Verdict by Special Tribunal
Ludhiana: Bhai Sahib Randhir Singh Trust, 2001

16. Tatla, Darshan S.
A guide to sources: Ghadar Movement.
Guru Nanak Dev University Amritsar, 2003.


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