Angel Island Immigration Station
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Pictures from a recent trip to the Angel Island Immigration Station . . .

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Angel Island is the lesser-known sibling of the more famous Ellis Island of the Atlantic seaboard. Where Ellis Island processed immigrants crossing the Atlantic, the Angel Island Immigration Station, located in the middle of the San Francisco Bay, was often the first stop for any immigrant crossing the Pacific. Between 1910 and 1940, hundreds of thousands of immigrants, from places such as China, India, Japan, and Korea were stationed, quarantined, questioned, and processed at this once forgotten historical site. Echoes of their journeys and trials going through Angel Island are recorded in the walls themselves where writing, names, and even poetry is found, left behind by passing travelers.

For more information, including the ongoing project to restore and preserve this historic site, visit the AIISF (Angel Island Immigration Station Foundation) at or e-mail them at

A recent article in India West (Vol. XXVIII No.37 July 19, 2002) featuring the recently discovered Punjabi writing amongst the walls and structures of the Angel Island Immigration Station. Click on the links below to view the articles. The pictures above are from the recent trip mentioned in the article.

(Reproduced here with permission from India West)
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Early Arrivals Records Search (EARS) is a database for the records of immigrants and American-born Asians who arrived in San Francisco and Hawaii between 1882 and 1955. The current version is an index of the earliest 39,000 files in the National Archives' collection; over time it will grow to include all 250,000 files held at the National Archives branch in San Bruno, CA. Of Indian origin were 127 of the persons in the present database who tried, successful or not, to enter the United States in the late 19th or early 20th century through San Francisco or Hawaii. The database supplies a way to search for a particular individual or group of people. This database is maintained by Bob Barde, Academic Coordinator at the Institute of Business and Economic Research, at U.C. Berkeley.

Examples of the information contained within these records are:

"Statement Taken From Madho Ram, or Mado Ram, to determine status ...

Q:What is your name? A: Madho Ram; it is sometimes spelled Mado Ram.
Q: Where were you born? A: In the village of Jadla, District of Jullundur, Province of Punjab, India.
Q:When did you first come to the United States? A: In 1913
Q: What date in 1913? A: I think maybe July or August. Maybe it was July 29, 1913, that I reached San Francisco. I lived three months in Quarantine. My case was handled in San Francisco. I won the case after about two years. The first two times I lost and appealed the case and finally the third time won the case after two years.

**When searching, enter either "Singh" into the field for Last name, or "India" for the search field Birth Place.**

Angel Island : The Ellis Island of the West

Angel Island : The Ellis Island of the West - This is an online version, provided by Lou Amalfi, of a 1917 book written by the woman missionary Mary Bramford. The book describes the processing of immigrants through Angel Island in the San Francisco Bay. Of special interest is Chapter V, "Immigrants from India." The book is informative and well intentioned, but full of the conceits of the age.

Chapter V -

Historic Pictures of the Angel Island Immigration Station found in the text.

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Administration Building
Detention Center

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